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Tesla Australia's energy storage system is running smoothly and will bring more new projects
author:admin viewed:191 time:2019-06-11
A year ago, Tesla introduced the world's largest lithium-ion battery energy storage system, helping South Australia's frequent power grids. Today, Tesla has launched more energy storage projects around the world.

The Hornsdale battery energy storage system deployed by Tesla was successfully built and opened within 100 days to help South Australia stabilize grid operations, avoid power outages and reduce costs. Its success has facilitated the deployment of more energy storage systems, including large energy storage projects in Korea.

Battery energy storage systems are designed to overcome one of the major obstacles to the greater role of renewable energy in the world: when wind or sunlight is insufficient, its power supply is no longer stable and reliable. The battery energy storage system can stably release power to the grid when power generation is stopped.

“The energy storage system can regulate the frequency of the electricity market,” said Garth Heron, Australian Development Director of Neoen SA, owner of the battery energy storage system, at a press conference in Sydney.

In places like South Australia, the energy storage industry is becoming more and more important as fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas in the region generate less electricity. Australian energy market operator AEMO said in an e-mail that the Hornsdale energy storage system plays an important role in providing frequency control services, and the speed and accuracy of its response to system events is encouraging.

Solar power generation is one of the main ways in which household users use renewable energy. According to the Solar Energy Industry Association, the total US solar power generation capacity reached 53.3 GW in 2017, enough to power more than 10 million homes. And a 30% solar tax credit policy is still in place.

Industry consultant Aurecon Group said that after the grid connector between Queensland and New South Wales was shut down in August this year, the Hornsdale battery energy storage system responded within 100 milliseconds, providing electricity and stabilizing grid operations. , its control response time can be as long as 6 seconds.

The factory signed a supply contract with the South Australian government in the first half of 2018 and independently sold the stored electricity, earning 8.1 million euros ($9.2 million) in revenue for Neoen and recovering an investment of 56 million euros. Part of the cost. According to Bloomberg NEF's survey data, it also reduced the cost of grid-assisted services by nearly 75%.

A big problem facing the renewable energy industry is whether battery energy storage systems can extend the power of the base load as fossil fuels dominate the power structure.

Neoen's Heron said that the battery energy storage system can be expanded, and the company plans to add at least two battery energy storage projects in Australia. Liberty House CEO Sanjeev Gupta plans to build a 120MW energy storage system in South Australia and hopes to exceed the Hornsdale battery energy storage system.

But not everyone believes in the value of battery storage. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the energy storage project does not solve Australia's energy problems.

Tom Howell, CEO of Tomago Aluminium, said that the Hosdale battery energy storage system's smelter power supply can only provide electricity in less than 8 minutes.

Andrew McKenna, senior policy adviser at Business SA, said that local companies' attitudes are generally positive, but they also have some doubts about their true capabilities. When homes and businesses turn on air conditioning and cooling systems, the state has not experienced a long-term test that truly tests the limits of battery energy storage systems.

Despite this, Tesla's battery energy storage system will not be a versatile solution to the state's power problems, but the energy storage system's potential contribution to the grid is strongly supported.

Ali Asghar, an analyst at Bloomberg NEF, said, “The project raises people's understanding of the revenue streams and returns of energy storage projects and indirectly reduces the risk of future energy storage investments.” Operation of the Hornsdale Energy Storage System Since then, the Australian public and private sector has deployed approximately 2,500 MWh of energy storage projects.

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