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Introduction to New Energy Design Institute of SCEGC Equipment Installation Group

New Energy Design Institute of SCEGC Equipment Installation Group, founded in March 2015 and under SCEGC Equipment Installation Group New Energy Co.,Ltd., mainly focusing on the application technique, research and development in electronical design fields such as photovoltaic power, wind power, and power transmission & transformation.

The Design Institute has obtained the Grade B qualification certificate for the power industry (new energy power generation) design. It can undertake the general contracting business of design, procurement and construction of new energy power stations, and has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system. Certification, ISO18001 Occupational Health Management System Certification, can provide customers with a complete set of design and consulting services with the lowest cost of “innovative, efficient and concise” electricity in the field of new energy power generation.

Since the establishment of the Design Institute, it has always insisted that talent is the primary productive force and has built a high-quality talent team. It has more than 40 professional designers including electrical, circuit, communication, structure, construction, general plan, hydraulics, HVAC, and technical and economics. Among them, there are 3 registered engineers including registered electrical and registered structures, 5 senior engineers, and intermediate titles. 10 people, master's degree accounted for about 35%, with the ability to independently complete the complete design of new energy power generation projects.

The Design Institute has signed and implemented a total of about 500MW of photovoltaic power generation design projects, and has established good cooperative relations with many companies such as CGN (China Guangdong Nuclear) Power Co., Ltd., Northwest Survey and Design Institute, Hengshan Yulong New Energy Co., Ltd., and accumulated a wealth of Design experience. With the rapid development of the national power grid construction and energy internationalization, the company actively explores the domestic and overseas markets to ensure the steady growth of the design business year by year.

With the aim of providing high quality, clean and efficient energy engineering products to the society, the Design Institute is committed to creating a clean and friendly energy environment, accelerating the pace of development of the photovoltaic industry, and actively promoting the integration of large-scale grid-connected power stations and photovoltaic buildings (BIPV). ), the design and construction of photovoltaic agriculture combined power station, photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects, etc., to provide high-quality and efficient new energy power generation system design solutions for customers at home and abroad and the whole society.

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